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Industrial engineer, creative and restless, always looking for things to break, and fix...eventually
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Let me tell you a bit about Sebastian...

Born in Santa Fe, Argentina. Elder of three, followed by a brother and a younger sister. He has been the terror of almost every home appliance while "learning how they work, mummy!".

Always looking for an opportunity to learn and create! I look forward to getting opportunities to make an impact on society, through innovation and real social work.

Working on the dream of having "creating and innovating" as a job description.

Wine taster
Spontaneous traveler
Karaoke singer (under construction)

The Goal

Worked in different countries, supporting local operations and improving operational performance in various locations around the globe.

Now searching for the opportunity to use my experience improving and optimizing manufacturing and business processes. Passionate about making life easier through digitalization, automation and creative thinking.

Industrial Eng.

  • Studied in Rosario, Argentina.
  • Graduated in 2015.
  • Academic path equivalent to a traditional bachelor's degree in engineering + master's degree in Industrial Engineering and Manufacturing.
  • Member of the Industrial Engineering advisory council during 2013.
  • Participated as lab researcher during 2011-2014 dedicated to electronics, programming, and prepared and taught a little seminar on micro-controller programming.


  • Using non-traditional ideas to solve problems has been always the greatest passion.
  • Automation, machine learning and data science, control systems.
  • Teaming up to solve the "it can't be done" problems. Working with people with different mindsets and experiences lead to magnificent solutions and unique personal growth and individual learning.
  • Getting out of the execution routine and dive into the challenges game.


  • Traveling, getting to know different cultures, different people, different histories.
  • Traveling some more! Nature and adventure, hiking, biking, climbing, kayaking... anything that means fresh air.
  • Cooking and sharing it with people, conversation, some good music and some laughter.
  • Reading, pretty much anything that challenges my views and shows I still have a trillion things to learn.

Product Manager - RavenPack

Since 2019, Sebastian has been working within the Product team in RavenPack, a leading big data analytics provider for knowledge workers. Our clients rely on us for our speed and accuracy analysing large amounts of unstructured content (text).

As a Product Manager at RavenPack I get to work with the most brilliant people, experts in their fields, who come from the finest companies and institutions around the world. Together we build ground-breaking products, integrating the newest technologies in Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning into tangible products that generate a competitive advantage for our clients.

  • Responsible for new products, leading Agile teams of diverse individuals: ML engineers, back- and front-end developers, QA, DevOps, researchers, and UI/UX designers.
  • Managed the roadmap for the only 2 new revenue-generating products during Covid/2020, with the shortest time span so far at RavenPack.
  • Currently managing the roadmap for a highly innovative product which will allow the company to target a new market projected at $60 bill. by 2025.

Project Engineer - Schlumberger

From 2015 to 2018, Sebastian worked as Project Engineer in Schlumberger, an oilfield services company. Since joining, work has taken him to Ecuador for almost a year and a half, to Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates) for 6 months, to Colombia, and for regular business and training visits around the world.

Being a project engineer in the oilfield sometimes means going from rig to rig performing jobs, some other times it means staying at a rigsite for 3 to 6 weeks on hitch, and sometimes it means going to the base and do some office or maintenance work. That means the job provides the opportunity to learn about many different aspects of the business, different workflows, different peculiarities of each function within the organization. In addition to that, working in several countries and totally different cultures gives the chance to understand how relationships and processes differ with the different backgrounds and cultures, and more important, to learn the best practices of each place and take those strengths to other locations.

Well tell me, what is this guy like?

Projects (because life is too short to live without milestones!

Forecasting confirmation of DNA mutations

Modern technology has given us the opportunity to enhance our life quality in every way imaginable. One of them, is knowing the risk of congenital diseases based solely on the analysis of our DNA and its possible mutations.

Determining the confirmation of a particular mutation in a sample is a time-consuming activity that requires various tests. With some historical data gathered from several mutation confirmation tests performed in the past, a piece of software was built to predict the outcome of future confirmation tests.

The software helped to identify clear positive and negative potential tests, and also pinpoint those samples with unclear outcome so efforts could be better oriented and therefore optimizing time and results.

Types of DNA mutation

Optimization of the feeding system at a pig farm

The objective of this project was to design a pig food distribution system that eliminates the various problems associated with the traditional tractor distribution option. This design had to be generic, economic, and adaptable enough to be easily adopted by any pig farm. This will enable small-scale farmers to increase the productivity and reliability of their feeding system with minimum initial investment.

After several distribution methods were analysed and compared, the most flexible, robust, and economically viable option was designed. The implementation plan was tailored for the specific location, layout and economic considerations for the particular company subject of study.

The project was carried out in a pig farm in Entre Rios, Argentina, as part of the master thesis for Industrial Engineering.

Thesis render

Seminar exposition on Arduino microcontroller programming

Preparation and exposition of a four-week seminar on micro-controllers' characteristics and basic programming, applied to a science fair project for high school students in Rosario, Argentina.

The high school students had no previous experience with electronics or micro-controller programming. They could build their basic knowledge from the very basics until they were able to program their science fair project: synchronized traffic lights on a scale model.

Hidden hearing aid

As many of our senior citizens, a great friend of mine had lost his hearing to an advanced level. But unfortunately, hearing aids are an expense that only some can afford.

A simple and economical solution came to mind, and my friend ended up with his precious gift: a hand-made hearing aid device, disguised in the body of a music player!

Hidden hearing aid front
Hidden hearing aid back
Unveiling of the gift!

Always looking forward to some conversation!